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Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson


North America


Summary Bio

Andrew has over 35 years of corporate and consulting experience across energy, petroleum, mining and metals and heavy industry. In 2020, he joined Partners in Performance as a Partner in the North American region, to lead the fast-developing global Energy Transition Practice.

Before joining Partners in Performance, Andrew spent 13 years as a civil engineer, before joining McKinsey & Company for seven years. He then spent 12 years in Executive Management, including four as a Global CEO and Board Director. His international career has spanned four regions: Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. His extensive work experience brings a rich blend of strategic thinking, commercial rigour, and operational pragmatism in addressing tough business challenges. He also has a strong background in leading teams and organisations in achieving meaningful change that is global in scale and practical in implementation.

Andrew’s focus is on enabling organisations to expedite new energy and carbon emission reductions by delivering practical, cost-effective solutions. In his view, energy transition is not a technical or engineering problem that needs to be solved over time, but a fundamental business issue that requires immediate action.


  • Energy Transition and Strategy Implementation
  • Emission Reduction Execution
  • Application of New Technologies (Including Renewables)
  • Business Processes Alignment (Supporting Energy Transition)
  • Asset Diversification and Portfolio Management (Supporting Energy Transition)

Core Sectors

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining


  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons), University of Canterbury, NZ
  • M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), California Institute of Technology, USA